Glenn Doman Flash Cards

A lot of times, parents are unable to fully tap into and uncover the depth of potentials resident in their children mostly because they do not know that such exist. Many children therefore grow and start schooling only to become overwhelmed by the sudden flood of information they encounter.

Why You Need Bits of Intelligence Cards?

If you are familiar with the Glenn Doman Program you probably would have come across what is popularly referred to as the Glenn Doman Flash Cards. This kit is referred to as Bits of Intelligence Cards in the Glenn Doman Intellectual Program which has been assisting parents to maximize the innate potentials of their children for over 6 decades.

Babies are born with the ability to acquire more knowledge than most parents are aware of and with the use of these Encyclopaedic – Bits of Intelligence, parents would be awed by the results.

When Should You Start Using Encyclopedic – Bits of Intelligence?

The way to give your child the needed preparation for higher learning is through baby early learning which the use of these Encyclopedic – Bits of Intelligence make easy and exciting.

With the use of relevant materials and teaching aids, your baby can be as intelligent as you wish him/her to be.

What Topics Are Covered By this Program?

They are designed to broaden your baby’s knowledge on a wide variety of topics. 40 categories are covered including biology, geography, human physiology, nature, language and music/ arts.

Both parents and the baby will have fun exploring different items ranging from insects, birds and parts of the human body, to flags of countries, paintings by famous artists.

The Bits of Intelligence cards have large, full-color images of the subject covered on one side and information about the subject on the other.

Encyclopedic – Bits of Intelligence are quite easy to use and will set you on a thrilling journey of discovery about the amazing potentials of your baby.

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