Baby Reading Program

When looking for the best baby reading program for your child, many parents fall into the mistake of older methods and beliefs. Many times parents think that reading should wait until the child is old enough to attend school, or that they need to be at least 5 years old before they can read.

One of the other more common beliefs are that toddlers and babies are not ready to read, or that they aren’t smart enough to handle what you are teaching. In fact, toddlers and infants are the perfect age for introducing nurturing educational steps.

Taking advantage of your child’s formative years and introducing concepts that they can learn and comprehend for years to come, teaching your child at an early age is imperative to their success. But that thinking still won’t help you find a baby reading program that fits your schedule.

The SEABabyProgram group would like to serve children to bridge the gap between their known and unknown. Following the principles of Glenn Doman, SEABabyProgram believes that reading should be taught at home by parents, and that reading is a fundamental birthright of the child in question.

Parents already in this program all agree to the wonderful way their children have responded. Stimulation at an early age can not only give your child a way to read before age 6, but to base a life of learning and love from the experience and raise their cognitive abilities. This helps them hit the ground running when it’s time to go to school and compete in the classroom.

For over 50 years the manner in which Glenn Doman helped and educated children helped them realize their great and vast potential. For more information on this process or to learn about Glenn Doman please contact SEABabyProgram group for further details.

Old Thinking

o Reading is a school subject
o Reading should begin at age six
o Young children are not “ready” to learn to read

Our View

o Reading should be taught at home
o Reading is the baby’s birthright
o Young children are ready because reading is natural and fun

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