Your Baby Can Read

Reading involves the simultaneous coordination of different sense organs. This makes it a crucial and essentials aspect of the development of tiny children. It involves being able to combine pictures and putting words together. This makes it an intense brain activity the development of which has far-reaching benefits for your child.

It makes sense therefore, that the time to start put your child on reading is the period when the cells of the brain and the central nervous system are undergoing their fastest rate of development which is at infancy.

Why Doman Advantage  – English Read Kit

This kit is to introduce the concept of reading

New Born Stimulation is of utmost importance developing your baby’s intelligence and the development of his or her different sensory pathways. As a Parent you therefore, need to equip yourself with the required knowledge and tools required to enable you take full advantage of this period of early development to develop your baby’s reading skills.

Why New Born Kit

This kit is designed to provide essential stimulation to your new born baby. At this stage, your baby’s visual, auditory and tactile senses have just begun to develop and this kit is specially designed to provide the required tools to stimulate and grow his or her visual, auditory ad tactile pathway.

The Glenn Doman Baby Program is aimed at helping parents take charge of the intellectual development of their children early with training materials and tools that have produced proven results over the years. These materials and tools cover various aspects of intelligence development and include

New Born Stimulation which is a guide on how to teach new born baby

Baby Reading a baby reading program targeted at infants

Toddler-English which is a toddler reading program designed for your growing child

Toddler-Mandarin which gives detailed insights on learning mandarin for kids

Math Program which reveals how easy it is to teach your baby math and

Encyclopedic- Bits of Intelligence a program that covers various subjects to increase your baby’s intellect

These programs have been used with success by millions all over the world and have proven to be quite effective in helping parents realize their dreams of raising excellent children.

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