Preschool for special needs children 

For many years, parents of special needs children have had little choice than to the care of such children to institutions. This was due largely to a lot of misconceptions and insufficient knowledge about the best way to meet the developmental needs of brain-injured children. Thanks to the pioneering work of Glenn Doman in the treatment of the brain-injured children, parents can now be equipped with the training and tools that will guide them on how to meet the preschool for special needs children. For over 50 years, The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential has dedicated itself to the course of turning around the fortunes of brain-injured children.

About the Book

With the recently updated book ‘What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child’; you no longer need to be in the dark as to the best training methods for your child with special needs.

The book is authored by Glenn Doman and is a beginner’s guide for parents. It has helped many special needs children around the world overcome the limitations- a feat that many conventional methods could not achieve.


What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child is a book that chronicles the history of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential and gives insights about its on-going unique treatment methods and future outlook. It also contains details about preschool for special needs children.

  • In the book, Glenn Doman shares insights about the research efforts and achievements of the Institutes, of which he is the founder.
  • He also lets parents in on the revolutionary and lifesaving tools and techniques employed in the measurement and eventual improvement of sensory pathways and mobility in special needs children.
  • Using various case histories which parents are able to relate with, the training section of the book empowers and encourages parents as they are taught how to create a home grown program for the treatment of their children.
  • Also included as part of the training are relevant charts, diagrams and drawings to facilitate learning.


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