Glenn Doman

Glenn Doman One of the most recognized and accomplished people in pedagogy, Glenn Doman has studied and worked with children on a global scale. As founder of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, he’s changed the lives of many children from many different societies in the world.

He has dedicated his life to helping families who have a severely brain-injured child with guidance and love. For over fifty years Glenn Doman has helped over twenty thousand families and influenced millions through his book What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Childs on brain-injured children.

Helping parents through a difficult time and helping equip their children for the best future possible, his methods are also revolutionary in the Gentle Revolution Series. 

His institute continues to educate and expand the horizons of children, and he defers his life’s work to the hard working people who have supported him his entire life. In fact The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential even state that they are the home of The Doman Method, but they don’t like to refer to it as The Doman Method.

Giving the children and families a second chance to help their children recover and learn, his primary work is with severely brain-injured kids and their parents.

Glenn Doman was knighted in 1966 for his dedication and efforts to improve the lives of children across the world. He has also been awarded from many countries in recognition for his role in improving and enriching the lives of less fortunate children.

He is a Knight Order of the Southern Cross and awarded a Medal of the Italian Senate, and hailed as a hero for his heroism in World War II. He’s received a Bronze Star as well as the Distinguished Service Cross for his leadership and bravery in close quarters combat.

As incredible as Glenn Doman the man is, his greatest trait may be his humility and grace. His prized possessions are known to be the correspondence from families he has touched and helped through some of the most difficult times of their lives.