Glenn Doman Method

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential have served children with learning disabilities for over 50 years through the beliefs and concepts of Glenn Doman. Overcoming the roadblocks that present themselves to any brain-injured child, the methods and beliefs of Glenn Doman helps parents realize the potential of their children.

Dealing with over twenty-five thousand families through his direct action and nurturing education, he’s touched over millions of families with his books.

Developmentally challenged children who may have been miscast or labeled as hopeless now have a second chance to forge a future through these advanced methods. Where society may turn a blind eye or lack the facilities and techniques to truly reach and educate the child, The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential can help.

Attention deficit disorder, autism and hyperactivity are just a few of the learning problems that parents have struggled with in recent years. Development delay from Down syndrome and assorted symptomatic diagnoses are deconstructed and analysed instead of turned aside and ignored.

The Institutes believe in proper diagnosis and recognition of where the problem within the brain. Therein lies their true key to the success of this method, enabling teachers to mould the curriculum and how it is presented in each unique case.

Indeed it is known that Glenn himself never liked to refer to the term “Doman Method,” and believed that the work of the many people within his program build The Institutes to the wildly successful program it has grown it today.

The accomplished man Glenn Doman never inferred to the title or phrase of “Doman Method,” and The Institutes also refrains from this phrase. We believe and are honoured to teach and educate in the steps of Glenn Doman to reach families worldwide.

Understanding to what extent and degree the issue and damage can impact the child, The Institutes believes that parents hold the key to unlock their true potential.

“Learning is the greatest game in life and the most fun. All children born believing this and will continue to believe this until we convince them that learning is hard work and unpleasant.
Some kids never really learn this lesson and go through life believing that learning is fun and the only game worth playing. We have a name for such people. We call them geniuses.” – Glenn Doman

For over a half-century, families have found their way to The Institutes from more than 120 nations. As diverse as this spectrum of cultures and societies are, there is a common vein of belief and passion.

And that’s the passion for their children, and putting their futures first and foremost. Committing themselves and making sure that their children reach their fullest potential, parents have come to realize the impact the application of these teaching methods.

Flexible as well as effective, your child will respond to the intuitive interaction, and rapidly grow in learning scope and ability. The Institutes encourages parents to reach out to them to provide accurate assistance and further clarification about Glenn Doman the man, as well as his beliefs.