Glenn Doman Malaysia

South East Asia Baby Program (SEA BP) is partnered with Glenn Doman Intellectual Program Sdn. Bhd (GDIP) in Malaysia to represent the concepts and core beliefs of Glenn Doman’s program to the children in the Asia Pacific Region. There are few reasons why SEA BP working together GDIP.

GDIP has helped children in Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, and Hong Kong reach their potential and read complex sentences at a very early age. For over a decade they have served children and parents alike to raise awareness and bring early baby education.

Backed by thousands of testimonials, there’s no doubting the effectiveness of Glenn Doman’s core concepts. Helping to promote the early stage development program in Malaysia and South East Asia with GDIP, SEA BP is on a mission to educate the parents.

Brain development is vitally crucial between the formative infant and toddler years that plat a huge role to brain development. Specially tailored for the busy parent, these sessions can take as little as 30 minutes a day with your child. These simple lessons can be applied at home for the busiest of schedules

Strengthen your bond with your child and investing in them can not only create a positive learning environment, but makes you the best teacher your child could ever have.

By using straightforward and fundamentally sound concepts, parents will see how much their child loves to learn and the exponential growth of development. Building crucial building blocks that will equip your child with the learning and comprehensive tools they need for success.

SEA BP and GDIP base their techniques on the beliefs of Glenn Doman, and will continue to strive for superior education taught by parents.

Focused teaching processes that are modular and designed, if any parents looking for Glenn Doman’s teaching concepts can find out more through SEA BP. These steps have been the core of teaching and are so fundamentally sound that they have proven to help brain-injured children learn as well.