Glenn Doman GymnAdemics

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We are now open for registration!!! Class kick start on 1st October 2015!! Contact : 012-4596036

Glenn Doman GymnAdemics is an early human development programmes to provide the ideal environment for optimal brain growth. We fully adopt Glenn Doman methodologist and principles in developing physical, intellectual and social excellence.

Our “joyourness” programme designed for children who are 4mths to 4 years old. This is the period where a child brain grows and develop at and exponential rate.

GymnAdemics is built to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children.

Our Center is fully equipped to develop the children through both intellect stimulation & physical activities. We believe that children must enjoy learning, then learning is enjoyable. Our programmes are designed to engage the children to learn how to learn.

Glenn Doman GymnAdemics