Kids Learn Mandarin

Increase the learning capacity of your child in a fun and easy way with this Glenn Doman Mandarin Read Kit Program. This program is designed to help you teach your child the basics of Mandarin.

Why Mandarin?

Mandarin is spoken by over a fifth of the world’s population which makes it the most widely spoken language globally. Due to the increasing influence of China in the global economy, more people are seeing the need to learn Mandarin in order to bridge the communication gap. Parents are now making their kids learn Mandarin as a second language because it positions them to compete better for job and business opportunities in the future.


The big thing about the Mandarin Read Kit Program is not just that it helps kids learn Mandarin, but the fact that your child linguistics prowess is awakened in the process.

As a result, you child’s brain is wired early with the ability to grasp the pattern and structure of languages such that he/she is able to learn to  read and speak new languages effortlessly. As you guide your kid through this program, both of you also develop a common bond. While this is beneficial for your child’s brain development, it also helps you to develop your own Mandarin speaking and writing ability.

Kit Contents

The Kids learn Mandarin Kit contains:

  • A primer titled “The Amazing Farm” to help develop your kid’s reading skills
  • A collection of 1000 word cards with large word cards


4 months old till 6 years of age


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