How To Teach Your Baby To Read Kit

It is never too early to teach your baby to read. Brain development and coordination begins from the moment of conception and stimulating in your baby the desire and flair for academic excellence begins right from the cradle. The Doman Advantage-English Read kit is specifically tailored to help you jump-start your infant’s reading skills.

Why This Kit Is Important

The period between conception and 3 years is critical in your baby’s growth and development because at this stage, all the learning faculties are already fully developed and the synapses form at a faster rate. It means that this period is the best time to tap into and develop your baby’s learning potentials.

The how to teach your baby to read kit is a superb method to put your baby on the path of learning excellence because it is specifically designed with easy-to-use tools which make learning fun and easy.


With the use of the The Doman Advantage-English Read kit, your child will be well on the way to mastering the act of reading. This kit teaches your child basic skills like word recognition, object recognition and speech training. The emphasis is on helping your baby develop a keen sense of sight, hearing and feeling by actively engaging these senses during the learning process.

Helping your baby master the use of these senses early enough is important for stimulating the brain and assuring an enriched learning experience that would be of great advantage later in life.

Companion Material

This English Read kit is an important complement to and should be used together with the “Doman Advantage Read DVD”.


1 -2 years old


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