Baby Learning Program

A lot of school-age kids struggle with understanding mathematical concepts because of the general misconception of the subject as an academic pursuit. As a result, parents wait for a child to be introduced to mathematics in school. In contrast to what most people think, mathematics is actually a language and the best time to introduce this language to children, is at infancy.


The baby learning program helps parents in introducing their kids to basic mathematical principles at the stage when their brains are developing fastest. With this Doman Math Kit program, you can have fun teaching your child the facts and the symbols of the language called mathematics. With the tools of the program, you are able to tap into your child’s brain power and guide him/her through the journey of discovering the rules and understanding the symbols of mathematics. Once this is achieved, grasping mathematical concepts becomes second-nature to your child as he/she grows.

Kit Contents

The Baby Learning Program kit consists of

  • 101 dot-joining cards to stimulate creativity
  • 101 cards for identifying numbers
  • 8 cards to teach mathematical symbols such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and so on


4 months old till 2.5 years of age


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