Baby Flash Cards

The development of human intelligence begins from the moment a fetus is conceived. At birth, the brain is ready to begin processing information and knowledge. Babies are born with the ability to learn and with the brain developing at a rapid rate during those early years, teaching them at this stage helps to significantly improve their brain power.

Why Flash Cards?

Parents who understand the importance of early learning usually seek out teaching aids like baby flash cards, to assist them boost the brain development of their kids. With the array of baby flash cards available, choosing the one that would effectively help you achieve this objective poses a different challenge altogether.

How the Flash Card Kit is related to Bits of Intelligence Kit

In the Glenn Doman Program, this kit is referred to as Encyclopedic -Bits of Intelligence rather than baby flash cards.  This Program is renowned worldwide for its effective, time-tested and result-oriented child development products.


A brief but detailed practical session would be conducted by our professional consultant to guide parents on how to use this kit for their children and the best instructional methods to adopt.  At the end of the program, young children would be able to interpret the pictures taught from the flash cards.


One of the best things you can do to speed up the learning process of your baby is to begin teaching him/her facts about the environment. The Encyclopedic – Bits of Intelligence Kit helps you to do just that in an interactive and fun way. Each card features a picture on one side and facts about the picture at the back. There is a good deal of useful information to be conveyed to the babies/toddlers from the cards which are designed to prepare them for future intellectual development.


7 months till 6 years of age

Kit Contents

The Bits of Intelligence Kit is an encyclopedia of 3900 facts arranged in 40 categories which cover different subject areas like Biology, Music/Art, Basic Vocabulary and Mathematics. Your baby is sure to have a great time learning to identify different animals, plants, body organs, notable personalities, countries and vehicles. Below are examples of the different categories and facts that your baby will learn:

Encyclopedic – Bits of Intelligence Kit

As you can see from the table below, this Glenn Doman kit is quite versatile and will help you nurture and develop your baby’s intellectual prowess and stand him/her out from among peers.

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