Baby Early Education

A significant portion of a child’s habits and attitudes are formed within the first three years of life. Taking advantage of this period to inculcate a reading culture will go a long way in helping you produce a well-rounded adult.


Baby early education can be a challenging task when you are not equipped with the right tools or know-how. With the comprehensive Glenn Doman English Read Kit Program you can effectively give your child a good head-start in learning and have as much fun as possible doing so.

This program is designed to help your child develop the inspiration and love for reading at the early stage of development so that it becomes second nature as he/she becomes older.


The Glenn Doman English Read Kit Program is a well-researched and easy to implement baby early education program with the following benefits:

  • Your child is motivated to read and learn because the program provides a lot of fun.
  • The early exposure to learning will greatly enhance your child’s intelligence
  • As you go through the learning process with your child, a unique bond is developed between both of you.
  • The latent potentials and abilities of your child early enough for further development


  • Taking advantage of this stage of rapid development of your child’s brain development will foster his/her academic excellence.
  • Your child is better able to handle the rigors of academic life because of the early exposure to the dynamics of the English language.

Companion Materials

The Glenn Doman English Read Kit Program is an important complement to and should be used together with both the “How To Teach Your Baby To Read Book ” and Enough Inigo Enough Books.


4 months old till 6 years of age


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Is your tiny children from 0-6 years old? If the answer is yes, don't miss this crucial window. You will be amazed by Glenn Doman Program which will be a significant improvement of your child's reading. It definitely lays a strong foundation before they enter the formal education!