Baby Brain Development

In the growth and development of babies, the most critical aspect and one that is of great concern to any parent is baby brain development. Medical experts agree that there is no better time to assure the optimal development of your baby’s sensory faculties than at infancy and the earlier you begin the better.

At birth, most of your baby’s neurons are already in place and before the age of 3, the brain is already developed to about 80% of its adult capacity.

As an infant, your baby’s senses of vision, hearing and touch are just beginning to develop and much of what will happen later in life are formed at infancy.


The Doman Advantage-New Born kit is designed with the tools that will aid baby brain development to produce a physically excellent newborn. These tools provide the simulation that your baby needs to properly develop these sensory pathways. This kit is an important complement to and should be used together with the “How Smart is Your Baby” book.


This baby brain development kit helps you train your baby, by stimulation, to develop instincts as well as become adapt in the use and coordination of his or her eyes, ears and body.

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The Doman Advantage-New Born Kit is your best companion to achieving your desire of a child that is sound both in mind and body.


Birth till 3 months


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