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For so long, parents have held the wrong concept of early development of their babies. While some believed early learning means waiting until their baby could talk, others restricted the training to schools and formal education. However, scientific evidence points to the fact that babies begin learning from the time they are conceived in the womb. At that stage, the baby’s vital organs and senses are already being formed and he/she can detect sound.

At birth, there follows a relatively short period of rapid brain development which is within the first three years of life, and at this stage the baby is ready to begin learning.

Baby education at this stage of development enhances your child’s ability and is important in helping him or her form the right attitude towards learning.

The different kits in the Glenn Doman Program are designed to make learning fun, easy and interactive for parents and children. The processes involved in the usage of the kits are expected to not only enrich the baby’s learning they also help to strengthen the family bond. As well as being teachers, parents also learn so much through the application of the methods of using the kits.

These kits help to achieve different objectives at each stage of your baby’s development and have enormous benefits for both you and your child.

The New Born Kit is tailored toward baby brain development and help parents give their baby an early start in reading.

The English Read Kit guides you on how to teach your baby to read using simple techniques.

The Glenn Doman English Read Kit Program (Comprehensive) is for baby early education in the use of English language while the Glenn Doman Mandarin Read Kit Program helps kids learn Mandarin

The Glenn Doman Math Kit Program is another baby learning program that helps to demystify math learning while the Encyclopedic -Bits of Intelligence is a baby flash cards kit designed to make your baby versatile.

With these kits, you are also guided on how you can create an effective development program for your child at every stage.

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