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Without any doubt, there is greater understanding and awareness, more than any other time in history, about the important role parents play in baby early education. As a result of this, there is a growing quest by parents for tools and resources that can teach and assist them with baby brain development. To start out their babies in the learning process, many experiment with teaching aids such as through flash cards, baby cloth books or cardboard books, music books and so on. It is not enough to walk into a store and select any program off the shelf; you want to be sure that whatever you choose works.

Understandably, due to the sheer number of information and methods available, it is quite easy to become confused about what baby learning program to choose or adopt and with this a plethora of questions may arise.

Questions that could border the mind of parents in search of the right baby and toddler development program may include

How do I determine the materials and methods that are most suitable for teaching my child?

When is the best time to start teaching my children with this materials or methods?

Can a 0-12 month old infant actually be interested in or understand what is being taught through these materials?

Do I get after-sales support and guidance with this program on an on-going basis?

Which tested baby learning program is the most effective and guarantees positive result?

If you have one or more of the concerns above, the SEA Baby Program is on hand to assist you in choosing the most suitable Glenn Doman Program for your child.

This program is designed to help you develop in your child the following:

Why home based?

The Flash card for baby is a home based program designed to assist parents raise smart kids and help brain injured children achieve wellness.
The home environment is best for helping children learn.

It allows for family bonding while providing a wholesome learning experience for both babies and parents.

Parents take on their role as the baby’s first and most important teachers.

What is Intelligence?

Contrary to what many people perceive, Intelligence is the result of thinking and not the other way round.

Humans are intelligent because they use their brains.

Our children are as intelligent as we give them the opportunity to be.

 All significant brain development is complete by the time a child is 6 years old.

 The human brain is the only container which has the characteristics of containing as much as you want to put in it.

 When you improve one function of the brain, you improve all functions of the brain to a great degree.

What is the program about?

The Glenn Doman program is centred on the belief that

Although the process of education generally begins at 6 years of age,the process of learning begins at birth and as a matter of fact, every child is born with more potential than you can possibly imagine.

You can bring out the genius in your baby and teach him/her absolutely anything as long as it is presented in an honest and factual and joyous way.

The baby flash card program is an integral part of the Glenn Doman Baby Development program in which it is referred to as Encyclopedic Bits of Intelligence. The reason it is called flash cards is because of the instruction method which many parents are more familiar with.

Click on this video to get an idea of what this program is all about and the amazing potentials your baby is born with. Watch the importance of starting out early and the mind blowing testimonies of a few parents who have used this program.


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